Successful query

If the query is successful, a NAPTR record will be returned. The result will be in the answer section, returned as a tel URI in the format tel:+msisdn

The following is an example of a successful response: 60 IN NAPTR 10 100 "u" "E2U+tel" "!^.*!tel=+15145868291;mcc=302;mnc=11;ttid=4345;e=0!"


Here is the explanation of the parameters:

  • mcc: Subscription network Mobile Country Code (based on IMSI)
  • mnc: Subscription network Mobile Network Code (based on IMSI)
  • ttid: tyntec operator ID of the subscription network (based on IMSI)
  • e: SS7 network error code. This value is provided if it is available to tyntec. A value different than zero does not indicate a failed query. The error code parameter can be interpreted according to the error code documentation that tyntec provides.