Interface information

tyntec’s Global Number Portability (GNP) resolves number portability by obtaining data directly from local number portability databases and live network information from across the globe.

GNP is available with the Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API). This interface enables quick and easy access to tyntec’s Number Information Services (NIS). The communication is established via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connections. The exchanged object type is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). tyntec’s application accepts and replies with “application/json” as “Content-Type” (and “charset=utf-8”) in the HTTP header.

All of tyntec’s Number Information Services (which also includes Global Number Verification) are accessible through the base Unique Resource Location (URL) (${baseURL}):

Here’s a basic example showing to resolve Global Number Portability:

curl -u username:password -X GET

Authentication is done during the setup of the REST API connection.

tyntec will provide a username (${username}) and password (${password}) to grant access to services:


The Base64-encoded combination "${username}:${password}" is used as an authentication token for the Basic HTTP authentication and can also be given in the HTTP header:

Authorization: Basic ${authentication-token}