Interface information

tyntec’s Global Number Verification minimizes message loss and unsuccessful call attempts with real-time phone number verification, providing key information on your users’ phone number, such as subscriber status and roaming data.

Global Number Verification is available with the ENUM API, which is a protocol that uses the Internet DNS system to translate E.164 (i.e. ordinary) telephone numbers into IP addresses It is based on UDP communication by default, which in general means that there’s no guaranteed package delivery.

Here is the overview of the workflow for querying phone number information:

Here are a few specifics of the ENUM API:

  • No username or password has to be transmitted.
  • The authentication is based on your IP. We recommend a VPN connection to increase the connection security.
  • There is no unique identifier (like the message ID used by other tyntec products). The identification of individual queries is based on the phone number queried, the IP the query came from and the query timestamp.
  • tyntec can customize the maximum time used before a result is returned (timeout parameter). If tyntec does not get a response within this timeframe, you will get an error response.