Communication parameters

The following are the parameters for the UDP communication:

  • The record type is NAPTR
  • The domain is

The IP and the port can be found in the Products section in my tyntec

The most important parameters for each request are the unique id, which is used as the reference for the response, and the MSISDN that is queried. The MSISDN needs to be transformed using the following steps:

  1. Check that the E.164 number is written in its full form, including the country code. Example: +1-51-45868291
  2. Remove all non-digit characters, with the exception of the leading ‚+‘. Example: +15145868291
  3. Remove all characters, with the exception of the digits. Example: 15145868291
  4. Put dots („.“) between each digit. Example:
  5. Reverse the order of the digits. Example:
  6. Append the string „“ to the end. Example: .

An example for such a request can be sent using e.g. the dig command:

dig @ IN NAPTR

and would look like this:

;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode:="" query="" status:="" noerror="" id:="" 43692="" flags:="" rd="" qd:="" 1="" an:="" 0="" au:="" ad:="" questions:="" 9="" 2="" 8="" 6="" 5="" 4="" e164="" arpa="" type="NAPTR," class="IN" answers:="" authority="" records:="" additional="" pre="">