Synchronous vs asynchronous responses

The time needed to retrieve number information is typically around ~350 ms. But sometimes it can take up to several seconds to receive the number information, e.g., when operators respond very slowly. Therefore, tyntec’s Global Number Verification service can be queried for a synchronous or asynchronous response. The default response is synchronous and the requested number information is given in the body of the “HTTP 200 OK” response of tyntec’s application server. The asynchronous response can be triggered with the request parameter:


In this case, tyntec’s application will POST the requested number information to your webserver at the given URL ($callbackUrl). tyntec‘s application will retry for a maximum of 48 hours to POST the number information after 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes if your server does not answer ‚200 OK‘ within two seconds.