Step 5 (optional) – Submitting a delivery receipt (DLR)

Once the message is delivered to the next hop, a DLR is expected from the destination. In case the destination does not support DLRs, tyntec may produce an ENROUTE DLR just to let the customer know that the message has left our systems and is successfully delivered to the next hop. This behavior is configurable through the ENROUTE feature.

The DLR will be submitted to you via an existing receiver or transceiver session using the deliver_sm operation. The delivery receipt itself is included in the text parameter of the deliver_sm PDU.

The text in the deliver_sm will be in the following format:


id:<tyntec’s messageid> sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:YYMMDDhhmm done
date:YYMMDDhhmm stat:DDDDDDD err:E Text: . . . . . . . . . 


Possible values for DDDDDDD:

  • DELIVRD – message was successfully delivered
  • UNDELIV – message could not be delivered, e.g. due to unknown number
  • EXPIRED – message could not be delivered within validity period, maximum 72 hours
  • REJECTD – message was rejected, e.g. because of incorrect format
  • ENROUTE – message was delivered to the next hop

Possible values for E:

  • 0 – Message was delivered, used with DDDDDDD = DELIVRD or ENROUTE
  • 1 – Message was not delivered, used with DDDDDDD = UNDELIV, EXPIRED, REJECTED