Step 2 - Acknowledge message (msg-ref)

tyntec will acknowledge the receipt of a transmitted message. Please note that this response will be delivered via the HTTP response to the previous HTTP request.

If the transmitted message has been received successfully, tyntec will acknowledge the transmitted message with an ID that you should store for further reference, in case showMsgID parameter is used in the request. The HTTP response will contain a small HTML answer that looks like this:

Tech-On-Air sender



If the message has been received but contains an error, the HTTP response will contain an error code instead of the string “OK”.  This is the list of possible error codes:

Error Code


Not enough data

One or more of the mandatory parameters is not set correctly. Please check if all mandatory parameters are included in the URL and the characters are properly URL encoded. 

Invalid password

The username or password supplied is not correct or the initial amount of test messages is used up. Please contact your account manager to check the username and password or the amount of the test messages left. 

Internal error

tyntec’s server is currently unable to process the message.