Over-Length SMS


tyntec accepts messages up to 3000 encoded characters per request by default and automatically splits over-length messages into deliverable parts.

Upon request this feature can be deactivated and tyntec will reject all requests that contain messages being too long to be submitted to subscribers in one part.

Scheduled Delivery


Customer can specify when a message delivery should start and for how long tyntec should retry delivery in case the first delivery attempt fails.

User Context


Customer is able to set a user context per request which is parsed at all times when information related to the respective request is exchanged.

Flexible Sender ID


tyntec does not impose restrictions on sender IDs by default.

Upon request tyntec can limit the usage to numeric sender IDs only.

Live Number Resolution of Recipient Number


tyntec performs a live number resolution before each SMS delivery to ensure correct routing even in cases of porting.

Lookup Information of Destination Network


tyntec returns the resolution result of the destination network by default. The information is given as IMSI prefix (mccmnc) and tyntec operator ID (ttId)

Immediate Price Information After Delivery


tyntec immediately returns the price of the request after completion.

GSM Error Codes


tyntec returns network error codes by default revealing detailed information on delivery issues.

Intermediate DLRs


Customer is able to retrieve an intermediate message notification in case the first delivery attempt fails and the message delivery goes into retry (“BUFFERD”).

Automatic Sender ID Adjustment

On Request

tyntec offers the feature to automatically replace sender IDs for destination networks that impose restrictions on sender IDs causing the message delivery to fail without the replacement.

Subscription Based Time Zone

On Request

Upon request tyntec can adjust all provided time stamps adjusted to the time zone of the subscription network of the destination number.