Step 3 – Sending delivery receipt (msg-ref, result)

tyntec employs five message states to determine the outcome of a message. The table below shows the message states and their descriptions.

Error Code



Message was successfully delivered.


Message was not delivered.


Message expired, e.g. if the message lifetime has expired.


Message reject, e.g. if an alphanumeric sender ID is unauthorized.


Buffered notification.

This is an example of a Delivery Receipt submitted to an URL provided by you.

Here is an explanation of the parameters in the request:

  • receiver: the receiver phone number in international format
  • msgid: unique message ID generated by tyntec
  • ttid: tyntec operator ID
  • mccmnc: MCC/MNC (IMSI prefix) of the operator to which the message was delivered
  • err: error code
  • stat: delivery status (see the table above for possible values)
  • sender: message sender ID
  • donedate: delivery timestamp in Unix format
  • text: message text
  • submitdate: submission timestamp in Unix format
  • price: message price
  • currency: currency in plain text, e.g. EUR
  • priceEffective: timestamp showing since when the price is effective in Unix format