Connection steps

Add a concrete SIP call flow, including the SDP portions:

A common scenario for the Voice Outbound service describes a call on the telephony network that should be directed to tyntec. In this default case, an INVITE request will be sent by your platform to the IP(s) given by tyntec. This INVITE request contains all necessary information given by the caller, including, but not limited to, caller ID, calling party ID, privacy level or defer information.

tyntec answers this INVITE immediately, the most common case being a 100 Trying response; this signals to you that tyntec service has received the INVITE. Another common reply is 200 OK, which informs the customer‘s platform that tyntec service is ready to receive a call. 

After that, your platform sends an ACK request to tyntec, which initiates the media data that is transmitted via RTP over UDP.

If the calling party ends the call, tyntec will send a BYE request to the customer. This will cease the media transport and will be answered with a 200 OK response.